Cuisine Type: International
Address: 25th Avenue between 26th and 28th Street
Location: Off Quinta
City: Playa Del Carmen
Price: $ $
Phone: 984 115 0474

Playafood Review

Art and cuisine in the heart of Playa del Carmen.
The restaurant is located in Casona, formed by a group of designers who create custom furniture and interiors combining fashion trends emerging in Europe with the materials and craftsmanship of the Mexican Southeast. An interesting mix in the world of design that results in unique pieces of high conceptual value.
And if that were not enough, within the walls of Casona is Elemento, an organic restaurant that offers delicious dishes prepared with passion and consciousness to Mother Nature, as rich and elaborate dishes that could taste in the best restaurants in the world , but without the tumult and noise that usually accompanies major cities.
This way is like art and cuisine merge seamlessly into one space, full of creativity and a unique atmosphere around Playa del Carmen.