Cocina de Autor @ Hotel Grand Velas

Cuisine Type: International
Address: Highway Km. 62 (North of Playa)
Location: Hotel
City: Playa Del Carmen
Price: $ $ $ $
Phone: 1-866-230-7221

Playafood Review

Cocina de Autor is a creative cuisine restaurant in constant evolution, seeking to evoke new sensations and emotions through its food and service to their customers. The tasting menu is the maximum expression of avant-garde food.

Molecular food exists for more than 20 years, and it refers to the movement created by “scientists”. Their goal was to gather cooks to try to understand traditional food through physiscs and try to comprehend the changes food suffers. Thanks to this, some cooks began to develop modern techniques and textures to get to new results through food, this is actually known as avant-guarde food or tecnoemotional food.

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