Cuisine Type: Mexican
Address: 34th Street between 5th & 10th Avenue
Location: Quinta
City: Playa del Carmen
Price: $ $ $
Phone: 984 803 1727

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Axiote is the new restaurant from famous Mexican Chef Xavier Perez Stone.

The Mexican cuisine is changing. On the one hand we have the traditional Mexican food, which is represented by those signature dishes of each region of Mexico, which together make, said by many, the best cuisine in the world. On the other hand, is the evolution of the cuisine, which is focused mainly on transforming ingredients for new experiences. Using methods and culinary techniques of the new world. This is part of a set of changes and transformations in the culture, in perfect harmony with Mexican wines, mezcal and beers.

This is where the unique identity of Axiote was born. Axiote represents MEXICO, this means, using 100% of Mexican products, ingredients, hands, to create a great experience for our palates.