Hotel restaurant in Playa del Carmen

COCINA @grandHyatt


Restaurant accessible for all. Located on the beach, this restaurant offers Mexican cuisine revisited. The staff is pleasant and you can enjoy a view of the Caribbean Sea. The setting is beautiful, surrounded by pools. Few people know that the restaurant is open to the public, but it is an address not to be missed!

Our experts recommend it.



Catch @Thomspon


Located on 12st and the 5th, the Thomspon is one of the most classy hotels in Playa del Carmen. The Catch, located on the rooftop offers an unlikely view of the entire city and the sea! The price remains high but the quality of the meal, the quiet and the setting are worth it! Ideal for a dinner between lovers.


Sushi Club @Be Playa


Away from the center, BePlaya is a hotel where it is possible to enjoy an excellent cocktail on the rooftop in a lounge atmosphere. Then go down and go and taste the excellent sushi. The sushi club restaurant is ideal for enjoying sushi and other specialties in a lively atmosphere. Located on the 10th and 20st ..



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