Best Breakfast in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen now offers many options to get real breakfast, we are talking about tacos, pancakes, juices, eggs, Mexican, International breakfast and much more.

Let’s start with freshly made juices at Nativo, 1 litter of whatever fruits, veggies you like. Made in front of you, cheap, and delicious this is what you could wake up with every morning. We don’t really recommend their food for breakfast however they have quite few options as eggs, pancakes or French toasts for example.

With its unique jungle setting, their fishes and turtles, La Cueva Del Chango is a must try. This charming restaurant offers incredible breakfast in a nice and colorful atmosphere. Mexican scrambled eggs, fresh tortillas, mimosa eggs and so many more options to get you ready for your day. Totally worth the wait. Get ready to wait in the line if you didn’t book your table, as it is a quite famous and known place it’s mostly full.

Papa Charly’s is another great option for breakfast, quiet setting in an open-air terrace restaurant. You will feel at home, enjoy their special blend of coffee, they mostly have traditional breakfast favorites like omelets and awesome French toast. 

Chez Celine, typical French bakery restaurant usually has a line in the mornings for good reasons. The food is amazing and the prices are more than reasonable. They have breakfast combos which even make it a better value. They have a nice setting to enjoy a perfect breakfast. If you feel like something sweet they have a bakery with all things made on  premise. Enjoy the coffee here, it is excellent!

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