Analysis of the Restaurants Scene in Playa del Carmen !

I have been living in Playa del Carmen for 14 years.
Being a French gourmet, I have always been curious about the existing and new restaurants in town … So interested that I decided to create my own website to list and critic all the restaurants in the city.
The goal was to propose an alternative to the global trip advisor … having a local side of the culinary industry.
It has been a fun experience for the last three years … keeping the site up to date with all the openings and closings …
Playa del Carmen may be the fastest growing city in Latin America …. It is certainly the fastest opening and closing rate of restaurants too !
And for different reasons … During the last three years I have seen how the restaurants scene in working … I met new owners arriving with dreams and leaving with nightmares …
Lost of failures … because of the quality of food and or service …
It is not because Playa is busy all year that all the restaurants are full … Quality and Service are obviously the key components of a success story.
The mafia scene does not help when you need to pay extra …. but it does not explain all the closings …
Anywhere in the world, anywhere in the city, a good restaurant will always work !
And it is sad to say that Playa del Carmen does not have so many good restaurants …
Managing PlayaFood.com and Tulumfood.com I am always about “Where to dine tonight” ? and the answer is not obvious …
I have a Top 5 listed in both PlayaFood (http://www.playafood.com/top5/) and TulumFood (http://www.tulumfood.com/top5/) but the selection is not so difficult.
We need better restaurants with creative chefs and top quality.
Some of the best restaurants in the Riviera Maya are now coming from hotels in Grand Velas or Mayakoba … The scene downtown Playa is dominated by Grupo Azotea which cares more about Image than Quality.
The best deals right now in Playa may be found outside the 5th Avenue where local restaurants or even food trucks can offer a real good deal with decent food !
Check it out in PlayaFood.Com and TulumFood.Com … We communicate daily about new or existing restaurants in the Riviera Maya !







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